Benedictine Oblates practice centuries-old spirtuality

By God's grace I am what I am. Rule of Benedict

Beating in every human heart is a deep longing for God that draws us toward divine union. The whole of life is one brief journey toward God. Benedictine spirituality has been a practical path and next step on the journey for many people over the centuries. It is a God-centered narrowing of the way, leading to deeper intimacy with our creator.

Benedictine spirituality is a timeless path founded on the Gospel and monastic wisdom for following the way of Jesus in daily life. When Benedict of Nursia wrote his practical guidebook “known as a rule” for living the Gospel he wrote it in a time much like our own for people like us. For hundreds of years people have applied the principles of the Rule of Benedict for living the Gospel in their return to God.

Benedictine spirituality has two paths, one for professed monks and another for lay people known as Benedictine oblates.

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