Sisters' Stories

We have grouped our Sisters' stories as you see below. Some quote Sisters who are no longer living, but their messages are still relevant and valuable. But no matter what group each is categorized under, each could have been cross-referenced in other categories. Just browse them all ... and enjoy!

Ministry Stories
Restoring Sacramental Life: A Canon Laywer's Ministry
Benedictine Sister Works to Eliminate the Death Penalty

Bringing Hank in from the Cold
A Child's Legacy Guides Hospice Volunteer
Food for the Body, Food for the Soul
Helping Children Through Their Dark Nights
They Could Stand the Heat: A Benedictine Ministry Story
How Sister Mary Jane Changed One Young World
How Sister Barbara and the Benedictines Supported the Civil Rights Movement
Hospital Chaplain Sees Grief, Joy
Pastoral Associate Helps Parishioners Seek God

Spirituality Stories
Acedia: How to Overcome Spiritual Fatigue
Beauty: The Wayside Sacrament
Being Here, Now: A Contemplative Approach to Life
Coming to Peace with the Big Questions
The Benedictine Value - and Gift - of Humility
Benedictine Sisters Reflect on Meaning of the Psalms
Benedictine Sisters Reflect on the Lord's Prayer
The Benefits of Spiritual Direction
Spiritual Direction: Who do you talk to about your soul?
The (Bumpy) Road to Sainthood
Centering Prayer – Be Still and Know that I Am God
The Doubts of a Saint: Mother Teresa's Unfelt Faith
Forgiveness: The Only Path to Tomorrow
Holding All Things Sacred - A Conversation Between a Buddhist and a Benedictine
Holy Leisure: The School of Wisdom
How to Accept - Even Embrace - Change
How to Love God
I Walk on Water Every Day Spiritual Insights from the Teachers of the Benedictine Sisters
Journeying Toward God
Lectio Divina
Living Sacramentally: Showing Visible Signs of Invisible Grace
Liturgy of the Hours
Mysticism: Why It Matters
Speaking Eloquently ... in Silence
Talking to God: Praying the Lord’s Prayer
Walking Through a Field of Grief
What's the Point of Prayer?
What Does it Mean when God Says … Nothing?

Wisdom Stories
As Our Seasons Change … How to Age with Vigor and Joy
Being Present to One Another: The Root of Benedictine Hospitality

The "Business" Rule? An Unlikely Guide to Business Principles
Personal Moments or Miracles?
Taking Yourself to Work Benedictine-Style
Gifts of Wisdom from God
Lessons in Wisdom: Stories from the Benedictines
Finding Happiness through an Ancient Practice: One Seeker’s Method for Being
No Footsteps in the Snow: Discerning the Right Path

Monasticism Stories
Benedictine Habit A Good Fit
Benedictine Monastic Life
Benedictine Ministerial Life
Benedictine Postulant Answers Your Questions
Could You Become A Benedictine Nun? 
Life as a New Benedictine Postulant
Life in a Benedictine community
Meaning of the Benedictine Medal
Monastic Profession: Our Promises to Try
No more oatmeal bowls in the sink: Monastic life vs apartment life

Reading God: A Benedictine Practice

History Stories
A Benedictine Childhood: Boarding School in Nauvoo, Illinois
How Nuns Changed Everything: A HIstory of Catholic Sisters of the Midwest
St. Mary's Academy
Giving up everything to follow Christ, back then and now

Monastic vs. Apostolic Stories
Monastic versus Apostolic Prayer Styles: A Discernment Clue

Vocation Stories
Business Analyst Calls St. Mary Monastery "Home"
Choosing the Benedictines: They Wouldn’t Send me to Africa!
A Graced Vocation
Dear God, What Am I Supposed to Do with My Life?
Going to the Dogs
Going from No to Yes in One Summer Afternoon
Known by Our Habit … of Seeking God Together
Lessons from a Well-Loved Life
Life is Good after Refugee Camp

A Life-Changing Sunrise
Missing the Rosaries but Benedictine Habit Otherwise a Good Fit
Out of the Cornfield and into the Convent
Sister Rita’s Advice: Say Yes to the Holy Spirit!

Sister Sandra Responded to a Nagging Sense of Something More
Replacing stylish shoes with sensible black flats
The Veil She Prized Turned Out to be a Habit!
Why Sister Charlotte Said "Yes"
Writing Straight with Crooked Lines
Novice Sister Reflects on Life in Community
Sr. Martha Blessed with Big Family
Sr. Bobbi's Journey of Finding God...and Home
Life as a New Benedictine Postulant
Benedictine Postulant Answers Your Questions
Could You Become a Benedictine Nun?
Monastic Profession: Our Promise to Try