Sister Sheila McGrath OSB

Sister Sheila says no one was more surprised than she by her decision to enter religious life. 

"Despite the fact that the Dominicans, Sisters of St. Joseph, Franciscans and Holy Cross Sisters had been part of my life throughout my childhood, and despite the fact that several classmates had been discerning during their school years, that option had not been on my radar. That changed after my freshman year at Bradley University when I attended a Benedictine Women’s Retreat and, later, the reception of habit for two friends who had entered the Benedictines after high school.

"I truly felt at home with the Benedictines as I witnessed their wholehearted service to God and the community; saw their vibrant spirit of joy, peace, prayerfulness; and began to long for their meaningful life in serving others. I found it was impossible for me to say no to this inner call of the Lord! This journey of 60+ years with my Benedictine community has been fulfilling and meaningful. It’s been a life I could never have imagined before that visit to the Benedictines!"