Sister Rosemary Murphy OSB

Sister Rosemary (Jerome) says community life comes easy to her. "I come from a large family. We were taught to share what we had with others. During the Depression, that meant sharing with those who had nothing. Dad hired poor men to help out on the farm, so they would have money to provide for their families. Mother kept coffee hot on the stove for them. We always shared our food.

"I was drawn to this community because they reach out to the poor. Sister Martha always gave food to the men - we called them tramps - who came to our back door. In school at the Academy, I remember taking Thanksgiving dinner to an old lady who was sitting alone in the middle of her living room next to a cob stove. I thought, if I entered this community, I could continue to reach out to the poor. That was important to me. The community's family spirit, and their collective desire to help the poor, reminded me of my own family. I felt right at home.

"In community, we share everything. I love to share my gifts, my prayers, my time and energy with my Sisters. I'm willing to share anything and everything. I'm called a 'secondhand rose,' because I always give away gifts I know someone else would enjoy more than I. I find when I cast my bread upon the waters, it comes back buttered."