Sister Mary Jane Wallace OSB

Sister Mary Jane (Mary David) is one of our biggest cheerleaders. Always there to prop you up or give you a hug, she takes her responsibility as a member of our Benedictine family very seriously. 

"In life there are many things we are chosen to do - some things we are delighted about - some things we wish we were not chosen for -and then there are things we  want to do and were not chosen. I believe this is true for everyone.

"In God's Plan I was chosen to be a Benedictine of St. Mary Monastery and I give thanks daily for this beautiful vocation. How could I be so lucky?

"When asked to be a Benedictine 60 years ago I said yes and I would do it all over again. Ours is a happy life. We live well - laugh often - love much - what more could you want?"