Sister Marilyn Roman OSB

Sister Marilyn (Mary Edward) attended St. Mary’s Academy in Nauvoo, Illinois, throughout high school. Like several of her peers, Sr. Marilyn decided she wanted to enter the community based on her experience as a student.

“I tried to tell my parents, but it was hard,” she remembers. “I had a hope chest. My mother wanted grandchildren. She cried when I told her, but she and my father were very proud of me, too. I think I felt the same way inquirers do today. I was satisfied with my life, but felt there was something more that I could do or give. I worked for a year before I entered the community, just to be sure. I knew there was something more to life, something God wanted of me.”

Sister Marilyn serves the Benedictine community as procurator, in charge of monastery supplies. She also serves as community archivist.