Sister Anne Newcomer OSB

Sister Anne (George Anne) worked with Sister Norberta in the Nauvoo kitchen for years. One story she loves to share took place in summer. “A man had planted a patch of strawberries and offered it to us. The Sisters walked down the hill at dawn to pick the strawberries, with their habits trailing in the dew. By the time they came back, their habits were soaking wet!”

Why did she love working in the kitchen? “We knew if we fed the Sisters well, they would teach better, and if we fed the students well, they would learn better. We loved serving them that way, although it was hard work.”

About her vocation, she continues, “One of the most satisfying aspects of my vocation is praying the psalms with the community three times a day. The community’s dedication to daily Eucharist, the Divine Office and Lectio Divina inspires and invigorates me, and calls me to join in that praise of God.”