Augie Students Meet

Augustana College students meet Benedictine Catholic Sisters to learn what their lives are like.

Read more | Comments (0) | Apr 22, 2019

Who is the Wind in Your Sails?

Catholic Benedictine Sister Stefanie MacDonald shares a discernment story based on the Disney movie, Moana.

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Sharing Our Benedictine Values

Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB says the Catholic Benedictine Sisters of Rock Island, IL hold these 5 values dear.

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Learn about Yourself with St. Benedict

Benedictine Catholic Sister Stefanie MacDonald shares a fantastic resource for anyone, whether they are exploring a vocation or just wanting to find more balance in their daily lay lives.

Read more | Comments (0) | Nov 01, 2018

Finding Answers in God's Time

Sister Stefanie muses on what the future holds ... for any of us.

Read more | Comments (0) | Sep 20, 2018

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Benedictine Sister Stefanie MacDonald confesses to having fun at the Mall of America, despite her Catholic Sisters' "habit" of non-consumerism!

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Our Catholic Preschool Classroom is Sweeter with a S'more!

Sister Stefanie's preschoolers are enjoying their new furry companion. Here's why every child benefits from pets!

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What My Kids Have Taught Me

Once again back in school, Catholic Benedictine Sister Stefanie reminisces about her former students, and what she's learned over the years.

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Marching for Families

Sisters Claudia Scharf and Stefanie MacDonald were among 600 people protesting the separation of children from parents.

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Encounter in the Wilderness

Hospitality is a key value of Benedictine life, and encounter is the act that begins it. Sister Stefanie MacDonald shares thoughts from her hermitage as she makes her retreat at Christ in the Wilderness in Illinois.

Read more | Comments (0) | Jun 08, 2018