Augie Students Meet

Augustana College students meet Benedictine Catholic Sisters to learn what their lives are like.

Read more | Comments (0) | Apr 22, 2019

Winter: The Real Spring!

Catholic Benedictine Sister Mary Jane Wallace, OSB shares her wisdom on the seasons of our lives.

Read more | Comments (2) | Jan 22, 2019

In Heaven with a Little Baby

Sister Mary Jane Wallace shares her thoughts as she meets her cousin for the first time.

Read more | Comments (3) | Jun 12, 2018

Creating the Beauty We're Called To

The Catholic Benedictine Sisters of Rock Island, IL say living a creative life matters to body, mind and spirit. Here's how they do it ... and suggest you might, too.

Read more | Comments (0) | Apr 25, 2018

Palm Sunday: What Do You Make of It?

Catholic Benedictine Sister Mary Jane Wallace says Palm Sunday has a split personality, going from joyous to horrifying without taking a breath. How do you fit in?

Read more | Comments (3) | Mar 22, 2018

Ready for Life!

Sister Mary Jane shares a 5-step prayer to help her - and maybe you, too - be ready for life.

Read more | Comments (8) | Jan 17, 2018

The love of our lost ones shines down upon us

We continue a short series written by Benedictine Sisters on what Christmas means to them. Enjoy!

Read more | Comments (1) | Dec 19, 2017