Baptism: One Bread, One Body

Benedictine Catholic Sister Catherine Cleary says baptism is NOT about sin, but about becoming One Body.

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Resolve to Pray!

Benedictine Catholic Sister Catherine Cleary says the best New Year's resolution is to make time every day for prayer.

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Sisters Enjoy Lovely Evening for St. Joseph House

Benedictine Sisters Catherine Cleary, Marlene Miller, Helen Carey and Mary Core enjoyed the 1st annual Hope and Harmony dinner in support of St. Joseph the Worker House in Rock Island

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Here I Am: How to Be with God

Peace and presence are the very fabric of monastic life, but can be cultivated through contemplative practice in any setting. Here, the Catholic Benedictine Sisters of Rock Island share thoughts, process of Centering Prayer.

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Pentecost: Where Fear Gives Way to Faith

Catholic Benedictine Sister Catherine Cleary says Pentecost calls us to a new beginning, where fear gives way to faith, and timidity to bold proclamation.

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Christ’s Love in Action: The Benedictine Way

Read how friends of the Benedictine Sisters have witnessed the Benedictine version of Christ's love in action.

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Protecting, Nourishing Your New Life

Benedictine Sister Catherine Cleary says the real transformation of Easter is in your own resurrection.

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Joining the Magi in Our Own Search

Sister Catherine Cleary says, "We too are searchers, or at least could be searchers, not just for the star but for Christ." Don't miss her Epiphany reflection.

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2nd Sunday: Forgive!

Sister Catherine Cleary echoes the words of John the Baptist when she says Advent is the time to forgive.

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Starting Anew this Advent

First Sunday of Advent reflection by Sister Catherine Cleary, OSB

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