The Beautiful Light of Advent

Benedictine Oblate Juanita Ghere shares what Advent means to her.

Read more | Comments (0) | Dec 15, 2018

An Advent Task: Clearing Out Clutter

Benedictine Oblate Susan Ryan says her spiritual practice this Advent is to clear her house (and heart) of clutter!

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Advent: Embrace Each Wintry Moment

Benedictine Oblate Spencer Gillespie suggests we enter the wilderness within and without this Advent, to align ourselves with the Coming One.

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Advent: What Happens after the Birthday Crumbs have been Swept Away?

Benedictine Oblate Sharon McNamara asks what, exactly, Advent should prepare us for.

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Called to Servanthood (Even if We Don’t Relate)

How are you both servant and gracious receiver of service? Catholic Benedictine Sister Ruth Ksycki explores what Jesus meant by "being the servant of all."

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Lectio Divina: An Ancient Contemplative Prayer

Peace and presence are the very fabric of monastic life, but can be cultivated through contemplative practice in any setting. Here, the Catholic Benedictine Sisters and Oblates of Rock Island share their practice of Lectio Divina.

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A Sunbeam’s Song of Praise

Benedictine Oblate Mary Schoening shares her lovely prayer in response to Sister Charlotte Sonneville's invitation to write her own Magnificat!

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