Benedictine Online Book Club: Your Call to Holiness, Your Way

Sister Mary Core's online book club focuses on Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation, Gaudete et Exsultate. Here's the introduction.

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Who Will You Become?

Sister Mary Core, OSB says change is another word for “life.” In Benedictine life, it's called conversatio ... and it means to open ourselves to becoming more like Jesus.

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Creating the Beauty We're Called To

The Catholic Benedictine Sisters of Rock Island, IL say living a creative life matters to body, mind and spirit. Here's how they do it ... and suggest you might, too.

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Christ’s Love in Action: The Benedictine Way

Read how friends of the Benedictine Sisters have witnessed the Benedictine version of Christ's love in action.

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Our Own Road to Emmaus

Sister Mary Core says resurrection moments - personal Emmaus experiences - will burn within our hearts, inviting us to know ... and change.

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Bad Hair Days

Today's Gospel story (John 2:13-25) is called The Cleansing of the Temple. But Benedictine Sister Mary Core often thought it might, more aptly, be called “Jesus' Bad Hair Day.”

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Springtime for your soul: A Lenten/Easter online mini-retreat

Here's your 15-part online mini-retreat for Lent!

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Graced Children of God

Sister Mary Core reflects on the Feast of the Baptism.

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Christmas and the Miracle of “Yes”

Sister Mary shares her thoughts about the (somewhat) unbelievable story of Christmas, and what it means for us today.

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Christmas Traditions at St. Mary Monastery

Beautiful, quiet, prayerful Christmas traditions of the Catholic Benedictine Sisters.

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