Be Strong, Take Heart

Benedictine Catholic Sister Bobbi Bussan says Advent has broken open her prayer to be strong and take heart.

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Advent: Time Stands Still & Soul Meets Creator

Benedictine Catholic Sister Jackie Walsh says her mom's death revealed Advent wisdom to her.

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Waiting for Jesus (and Santa)!

Sister Marlene Miller remembers her childhood Advent and Christmas Eve.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy students acted out the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe for the Benedictine Sisters of Rock Island.

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Advent: Not a Passive Waiting Time!

Benedictine Catholic Sister Susan Hutchens shares the meaning and purpose of Advent.

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Advent: A Time for Giving Gifts to Ourselves

Don’t let Advent get lost this year in all the bustle and aggravation of acquisition. Use it. Treasure it. Grow from it.

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Learn about Yourself with St. Benedict

Benedictine Catholic Sister Stefanie MacDonald shares a fantastic resource for anyone, whether they are exploring a vocation or just wanting to find more balance in their daily lay lives.

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Vigil of Love

Join us as we stand with our Jewish sisters and brothers.

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All Saints Day

Sister Mary Core shares her thoughts about the everyday saints we've been blessed to have in our lives.

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The Rosary as Contemplative Prayer

Peace and presence are the very fabric of monastic life, but can be cultivated through contemplative practice in any setting. Here, Sister Sheila McGrath shares her practice of praying the Rosary.

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