Dancing in the Rain with our Sisters and God

Challenges will come in all our lives. We will face difficult times. What’s important is how we respond to them; how we choose to live through them. Benedictine Sister Stefanie MacDonald shares her thoughts.

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Spring Around the Grounds

Enjoy some spring photos from around the Catholic Benedictine Sisters' grounds in Rock Island, IL.

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Heaven is Closer than We Think

Spring rebirth awakens our senses to heaven, but it is here and now, says Benedictine Sister Mary Schmidt of Rock Island, IL.

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Rooted in the Heart of God

Catholic Benedictine Sister Ruth Ksycki says the long, cold and cloudy days of early spring bring a chance to dig deeper into the love of God.

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A Civil Rights March in Nauvoo, IL

On the anniversary of Dr. King's death, a look back at how the Benedictine Sisters worked for - and continue to work for - ALL God's children.

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Palm Sunday: What Do You Make of It?

Catholic Benedictine Sister Mary Jane Wallace says Palm Sunday has a split personality, going from joyous to horrifying without taking a breath. How do you fit in?

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Midway through Lent: Time to Review our Resolutions!

Sister Ruth Ksycki says we can review and renew our Lenten resolutions ... and begin again.

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Bad Hair Days

Today's Gospel story (John 2:13-25) is called The Cleansing of the Temple. But Benedictine Sister Mary Core often thought it might, more aptly, be called “Jesus' Bad Hair Day.”

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Lenten Resolution Ideas

The Catholic Benedictine Sisters of Rock Island, Illinois share some of their own Lenten practices, in the hope that they may help you choose your own.

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Starting Anew this Advent

First Sunday of Advent reflection by Sister Catherine Cleary, OSB

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