Where are Your Stars Leading You?

Catholic Benedictine Sister Mary Core reflects on what Epiphany means on a personal level.

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Sister Audrey Cleary, OSB, 1940-2018

Catholic Benedictine Sister Audrey Cleary, OSB, of St. Mary Monastery in Rock Island, IL died December 31, 2018.

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Resolve to Pray!

Benedictine Catholic Sister Catherine Cleary says the best New Year's resolution is to make time every day for prayer.

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Seeing Out the Old Year, Welcoming the New

In the optimistic anticipation of better things to come, we celebrate the New Year AND the Solemnity of Mary on January 1.

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Silent Night, Holy Night

Benedictine Catholic Sister Mary Core shares the Christmas traditions of St. Mary Monastery, Rock Island, IL

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Be Strong, Take Heart

Benedictine Catholic Sister Bobbi Bussan says Advent has broken open her prayer to be strong and take heart.

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Advent: Time Stands Still & Soul Meets Creator

Benedictine Catholic Sister Jackie Walsh says her mom's death revealed Advent wisdom to her.

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Waiting for Jesus (and Santa)!

Sister Marlene Miller remembers her childhood Advent and Christmas Eve.

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Waiting for The One

A reminiscence of joyful anticipation from Catholic Benedictine Sister Sandra Brunenn, OSB

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The Beautiful Light of Advent

Benedictine Oblate Juanita Ghere shares what Advent means to her.

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