The Upside of Restlessness

Catholic Benedictine Sister Bobbi Bussan shares her thoughts about restlessness. It's a good way to enter Lent!

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Who is the Wind in Your Sails?

Catholic Benedictine Sister Stefanie MacDonald shares a discernment story based on the Disney movie, Moana.

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Sharing Our Benedictine Values

Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB says the Catholic Benedictine Sisters of Rock Island, IL hold these 5 values dear.

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Winter: The Real Spring!

Catholic Benedictine Sister Mary Jane Wallace, OSB shares her wisdom on the seasons of our lives.

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Creation and the Cross: A Provocative and Intriguing New Work

Benedictine Catholic Sister Sandra Brunenn, OSB will host a book club at Benet House Retreat Center on theologian Elizabeth Johnson's new book, beginning Wed. Jan 25.

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On Your Journey into 2019, Trust Your Inner Voice

Benedictine Catholic Sister Bobbi Bussan compares our journey with that of the 3 wise men as we begin 2019.

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Baptism: One Bread, One Body

Benedictine Catholic Sister Catherine Cleary says baptism is NOT about sin, but about becoming One Body.

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May You Be Jesus' Hands and Heart!

Jesus' baptism is one of 3 epiphanies that help us understand who he is. Benedictine Catholic Sister Mary Core shares a little history and inspiration as we close the Christmas season.

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Where are Your Stars Leading You?

Catholic Benedictine Sister Mary Core reflects on what Epiphany means on a personal level.

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Sister Audrey Cleary, OSB, 1940-2018

Catholic Benedictine Sister Audrey Cleary, OSB, of St. Mary Monastery in Rock Island, IL died December 31, 2018.

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