3rd Sunday: Make Straight the Way

Sister Catherine Cleary says John the Baptist's lesson today is for us to wake up and "make straight" our lives.

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Join Us for Our Christmas Novena

Each evening from Dec. 16 through Dec. 24, the Benedictine Sisters process into our darkened chapel carrying lighted candles. This begins our Christmas Novena.

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2nd Sunday: Forgive!

Sister Catherine Cleary echoes the words of John the Baptist when she says Advent is the time to forgive.

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Starting Anew this Advent

First Sunday of Advent reflection by Sister Catherine Cleary, OSB

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How to Love God in 5 Steps

Benedictine Sister Ruth Ksycki shares her wisdom into giving - and receiving - love of God.

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All Saints Day

Sister Mary Core writes, "All Saints Day – and the vigil on the All Hallows Eve – are set aside for remembering and rejoicing in the wonderful people we have known who will never be officially declared 'Saints' by the church, but who made a holy difference to us just the same.

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Read with the Benedictines!

Sister Mary Core is sharing a wonderful book, loaded with the realities of living, with her Wisdom Seekers Book Club, and online, with you.

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Your Online Retreat

We take a week every summer for a silent and much-needed retreat. You probably need one, too (we all do)!

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Benedictine Online Book Club: A Man Called Ove

Sister Mary Core shares insights from her parish book club, Wisdom Seekers, in this online series of reflections.

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