A Time for Everything

A Time for Everything

Sr. Ruth Ksycki, OSB

A time for hope to be reborn,
A time for cynicism to die. 

A time to plant the seeds of inclusion,
A time to uproot alienation.

A time to “kill” the sin of racism,
A time to heal with justice and compassion.

A time to tear down barriers,
A time to build up with welcome and hospitality.

 A time to weep for loss of integrity,
A time to dance in truth and freedom.

A time to discard stones of derision,
A time to gather and build with stones of respect.

 A time to embrace when Covid-19 is over,
A time to social distance and wear masks.

 A time to seek peace,
A time to renounce violence.

 A time to keep self-respect,
A time to cast away self-promotion.

 A time to rend the garment of division,
A time to sew the seams of community.

A time to be silent and pray,
A time to speak of God’s love.

A time to love with a generous heart,
A time to abandon selective love.

 A time to end war that “kills” body and spirit,
A time to share peace that loves into life.


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