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  • We Are Built to Last! A Reflection from Sister Bobbi
We Are Built to Last!  A Reflection from Sister Bobbi

We Are Built to Last! A Reflection from Sister Bobbi

Since we also heard this Wisdom reading on Sunday at Lauds - it struck me that there must be a message begging to be known!!!

We know we live in a throw a-way society.  We throw away natural habitats for more buildings; we throw away the environment for convenience and profit; we throw away appliances to be replaced not repaired; and we throw away people because they seem different. 

Today’s passage from Wisdom offers us a radically different view.  It tells us that we are built to last!  Strong words burst forth in this scripture: - imperishable, abide with God forever; full of immortality. And we are told - we may be chastised, punished, face the Devil, face Death - however, we are found worthy and experience the grace and mercy of God forever.  Now that is a built to last relationship. 

I love the image of 'darts about as sparks through stubble”; those little embers that seem 2108never just 'thrown away'. There will always be a spark for others to see for we are built to last.

There is a price for this eternal life with God.  Luke's gospel responds to the disciples asking Jesus to how they can 'increase our faith”. They may think they are done for the day - just as the servants came in from the fields and were ready to rest - but Jesus tells them that servanthood is never done.  Discipleship is demanding - for heeding the Lord's commands and laboring for the Kingdom are all built to last endeavors.  If they want to ‘increase their faith’ then a disciple’s work is never done.  Another hard lesson for them to learn and fully understand.

 Luke uses the image of the apron as a symbol of service.  Melannie Svoboda, in her reflection on her Mothers Apron, reminds us that Jesus wrapped a towel around his waist before washing the disciple’s feet. He wore his apron.  The image strikes me as humorous, but the service of a disciple is far from humorous.  It is tough work – never ending work – vital but energy sapping work. We must put on our apron when we would rather not – wipe our hands, clean our apron and do it all over again.    Discipleship is built to last - just look around and see all that there is to do.  Natural habitats to save; an environment to protect, people to embrace; and yes - material goods to respect and recycle. 

I pray I learn every day to not throw away my time or my life on insignificant hurts; to use my energy for servanthood even when I am tired; to intentionally integrate all my experiences as graced moments from God and to trust that I am built to last with a merciful and gracious God. 


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