A Prayer for Those Seeking God

A Prayer for Those Seeking God

St. Matthias, you were called late to be a witness 

To Christ’s resurrection,

Pray with us and for us today,

As we discuss ways to find and address 

All those who are out there,

Seeking God, 

seeking meaning in a world 

that is full of chaotic, often violent words

and seems empty of meaning. 


Holy Spirit, fill us with your insight and wisdom 

That we may be witnesses 

To what God’s call has done in us.

Help us to make your call to Benedictine life

Truly attractive 

To any people who are seeking you,

And increase their desires 

Of finding a deeper, 

More meaningful life 

in our monastic community. 


Holy God and Jesus Christ, our brother,

Fill us with zeal and courage 

To speak boldly of what your grace 

Has done in us 

As followers of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica

Who worked and witnessed 

In an equally confusing, chaotic time. 




Author: Sr. Marianne Burkhard

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