Celebrating Resurrection in a Personal Way

Celebrating Resurrection in a Personal Way

Benedictine Catholic Sister Bobbi Bussan

By Sister Bobbi Bussan, OSB

Lent has been a season of preparation for the coming of the Risen Jesus as well as a time of reflection on our lives, attitude and actions that drive us. 

Palm Sunday begins our emotional week of walking with Jesus through the Passion and the agony. It all turns to JOY at Easter but the walk to Resurrection is a painful one for Jesus.

It is painful for us disciples to embrace, too. 

While the Holy Week liturgies are meaningful and expressive of the reality that we as faith community share, I also often think of ways I can personally close Lent and celebrate Resurrection. 

Sometimes I take my Lenten resolutions or a list of my 'weaknesses' or 'defects' or a list of areas I ask the Lord to help me improve in and I burn them on Holy Saturday. 

Sometimes I write or journal specifically on these same areas as a closure to Lent to help me set forth on a new beginning. 

I know it is common to make New Year’s resolutions in January, but I often think Easter is a good beginning time to set goals for the new year in our spiritual life. 

This year I am considering a plant prayer to celebrate.  

The Rose of Jericho is often referred to as a “resurrection plant.” 

It is a native plant of the Chihuahuan desert of the US and Mexico known for its resilience in extreme desert conditions. 

When dehydrated it curls its leaves inward, to the extent of becoming a tumbleweed that blows in the wind.  

When moistened it can uncurl and come out of its dormancy. Scientists say its survival is due to the presence of a sugar, trehalose, that protects the plant. 

(To learn more about this plant phenomenon listen to Molecular Biologist Jill Farrant describe a dead plant coming to new life. Or watch this time lapse video of the Rose of Jericho coming to life over a period of 16 hours.)

Amazing creation. Amazing Resurrection. Amazing Life we have in Jesus. I’m not sure I’ll find A Rose of Jericho to plant, but the video will be my prayer for celebrating the Passion and Resurrection. 

Blessed End of Lent and Happy Easter to all!

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