Going to Your Inner Room

Going to Your Inner Room

Catholic Benedictine Sister Bobbi Bussan

Sister Bobbi Bussan, OSB 

I don't find Lent a 'downer' as some people do. I find in Lent a deeper story of God's love for me through Jesus, and a time for me to surface a deeper love for Jesus.

For me it begins with Jesus' teaching to go to our 'inner room,' close the door and pray alone.

Our inner room is where we can find the deeper silence that allows us to recognize the joys, challenges, honesty and forgiveness we celebrate in Lent. 

Our inner room is where we find the Divine within.

The Divine can be touched through nature, lectio divina, art, music, holy conversation and any way that sparks God's presence in us.

Lent is time set aside for us to really focus on this Divine that moves us, leads us, speaks to our heart, and deepens our love for the Son, Jesus.

We celebrate the life of Jesus in Lent - the good, the pain and the joy. We celebrate Jesus' love that gives us reason and substance in our spiritual journey. 

Have a good Lent, and embrace the Divine within!

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