Lent: Springtime for Your Soul

Lent: Springtime for Your Soul

Spring flowers in snow

By Sister Mary Core, OSB

Lent is the perfect season for spiritual renewal and refreshment.

This 15-part online mini-retreat was developed as an accompaniment for Lent, but is perfect for anytime you need a breath of fresh air … or maybe even a change of mental scenery. 

From the melting snow of late winter to the blooming flowers of spring, may each post plant seeds of hope and joy that take root this year for you.

We will publish new posts 2 times each week, and add the links below. May your Lent be blessed, fruitful and nourishing! 

Week #1:

Ash Wednesday: Be a Grain of Wheat!

Who is Your Sun, Soil and Rain?

Week #2:

Be Still and Know I Am God

Sitting Still with God

Week #3:

Finding Strength in Weakness

How Weakness becomes Holiness in God's Hands

Week #4:

Do Justice! Love Goodness!

Walking WITH God

Week #5: 

I'm Doing Something New!

Letting Go to Move Forward

Week #6:

What Will You Ask?


Week #7:

Be the Light!

Let it Shine!


Was Your Heart Burning?

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