The Upside of Restlessness

The Upside of Restlessness

By Sister Bobbi Bussan, OSB

Do you ever find yourself in a 'restless' space?

I have learned that this means something is churning inside me.

Sometimes it is about a Spirit thing when I am being led to a new insight.

Sometimes it is a prayer restlessness when I am holding someone or something in an intentional way.

Such an experience stems from deep within where the 'Divine spark' is at work!

Kind of scary...calls out my trust in God...often leads me in new paths ....and is energy from the Spirit.

Don't you just cherish restlessness?

It's a good way to enter Lent - a restlessness until Easter Sunday when Jesus rises and makes all life new.  

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  1. Linda D Ellington Palmer:
    Feb 20, 2019 at 05:24 AM

    My restless often comes in the night. I have learned to acknowledge that the Spirit is nudging me to arise and spend time in the precious presence of God.

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