Making Advent Meaningful for Yourself

Making Advent Meaningful for Yourself

By Sister Ruth Ksycki, OSB

Advent is a time to wait in Silence.

It's a time to find a quiet space or moment to just be in God's presence.

Our prayer time is a very important one, but where else might we find other moments in the chaos of our world and busyness of Christmas preparations?

Try when you're waiting for the computer to connect, stopped at a traffic light, in the line at checkout, or even for guests to arrive. 

Savor those moments. 

Advent is a time to wait for the Word.

God speaks, but we often are too preoccupied to hear. This season, really listen.

Listen in daily prayer, in encounters that call for our compassion, in the joy of making cookies, in the receipt of assistance or kindness from another, in the words of a song. 

Does a thought - or word - rise up?

What word is God's Advent gift to you?

Advent is a time to ponder God's Gift 

How does this Advent gift connect to the deepest meaning of the birth of Jesus as God's gift of love to us?

Might you be surprised by the birth of something new within you?

A new insight? An experience of peace? A call to share in a different way? 

Do you sit in awe and wonder about the gift?

Advent is a time to rejoice with Gratitude 

The act of receiving a gift is only complete when we say "thank you."

How might you express thanks to God?

Prayer - Song - Poetry - Dance - Time - Talent - Treasure?


 Rejoice in Hope!

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