Mercy, Compassion (Book Club, Part 4)

Mercy, Compassion (Book Club, Part 4)

By Sister Mary Core, OSB

As we move into our discussion of the Final Judgment in Matthew 25, we are taken by how easy it is for us to fall into the 2 “ideologies” Francis addresses (para.100-101 of his apostolic exhortation, Gaudete et Exsultate): 

1. How easy it is to become “Sunday-only Christians” who compartmentalize and relativize our Christian life.  

2. How easy it is to be “holy” in Church and then walk past, or over, the Christ whom we encounter in every way in our everyday.  

Maybe we succumb to being suspect and judgmental of the causes and concerns others hold sacred, while we tightly defend our own.  

Can we close our hearts and minds to those who speak out against capital punishment or euthanasia, while we march for an end to abortion? What about the sanctity of ALL life, whether the innocent unborn or the sinful wretch on death row? 

Can we fight the enslavement of human trafficking but ignore the enslavement of unjust wages? 

Members of the Wisdom Seekers book club were truly challenged during this discussion.

We all felt somewhat overwhelmed by the call of our faith to feed, give drink, cloth, visit, and welcome.   

We admitted we were often “guilty” of failing to look outside our own comfort zone.

Yet, we had to remind ourselves not to let the magnitude of need overwhelm and paralyze us. Our simple acts of mercy and kindness do make a difference, even if only for one person. 

As we thought more about the words of Pope Francis in this chapter, we agreed that the “Universal Call to Holiness” is truly a call to be merciful and compassionate.

Questions for Your Reflection:

• Can you name/identify some of the social concerns faced by the Church today?  Are they your concerns as well?

• Are you selective about what social justice issues concern you? Why abortion (for example) but not immigration?

What stirs your heart to action, mercy and compassion?  Why?

Can you ... will you ... take up Pope Francis’ recommendation to reread, refer to, pray with, and embody the Beatitudes and Matthew 25:31-46?

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