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  • Benedictine Online Book Club Part 3: The Beatitudes as Our "Christian Identity Card"
Benedictine Online Book Club Part 3: The Beatitudes as Our

Benedictine Online Book Club Part 3: The Beatitudes as Our "Christian Identity Card"

By Sister Mary Core, OSB 

Our Wisdom Seekers book club took 2 weeks to share the fruits of Chapter 3: “In the Light of the Master.”  Here's the first part of our discussion. 

Following the rather heavy look at present day heresies and pitfalls discussed in Chapter 2, it was very uplifting to focus on the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12; Luke 6:20-26).  

One of the first things which struck us was Pope Francis’ referring to the Beatitudes as a “Christian identity card.” 

Truly, there is no better way to be united with, identified with, and give witness to our faith in Christ, than to live the Beatitudes.  

We discussed how they are really the New Testament version of the “10 Commandments.”  

The “8 Beatitudes” are so much more inviting and upbeat than the Old Testament “10 Commandments,” which tend to be more negative in tone. 

It so much nicer to hear, “Blessed are” than “Thou shalt not," and yet the focus and message are basically the same!

In beautiful, direct and challenging words, Pope Francis calls us to reflect on each Beatitude and ask ourselves: “How well are we living this call to holiness?” 

We are all aware of our own shortcomings, but are encouraged by Francis’ words to be our own best self. 

Indeed, we are not called to be a repeat of any other saint, but rather to become the best we can be, using the gifts and talents God has given each of us. 

We are unique and special, and that is the way God made us and wants us to be. 

That also means that while one person may be more gifted in living “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” another may be better at “Blessed are the peacemakers.” That doesn’t make one of us better than the other, only human and gifted in our own way!

No matter how we live out the Beatitudes, they call us to become better persons.

Living the Beatitudes is a challenge. They call us to be courageous. “To take up our cross and follow Jesus.”

Questions for Your Reflection 

What Beatitude(s) are you best at?  Which ones do you need to improve on?  

What new understandings have you gained about the Beatitudes?

In what ways might you experience “persecution” for living out the Beatitudes?  

Am you willing to suffer for being “Blessed”?



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