What My Kids Have Taught Me

What My Kids Have Taught Me

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald

I’m in a reminiscing mood, which always happens to me as the school year starts.

You’d think I’d be used to it by now … but no. I’m always amazed at how time flies. 

This year, I’m thinking about the Catholic school students I taught back when I was a brand new teacher (19 years ago, at Grace’s Place in Naperville, IL). They are full adults now!

They all have touched my life.

From the child who was sure he was having a heart attack (he wasn’t) to the child who helped me realize the importance of individualized teaching and assessment, they have taught me everything I know. 

Stay calm. Listen. Love.

As you read this, I’ve already begun teaching the 2018/19 preschool class of Our Lady of Grace. (That's one of my new students and my afternoon teacher in the photo!)

We’ve begun to establish our daily routine of sitting on the carpet for prayer and morning calendar.

We’ve begun to make new friends and share our toys and tools.

We’ve begun to learn how to learn.

What does our future together hold?

Of course I hope we have a fun time learning together.

But most of all, I hope that the children will build a practice of prayer, attention and gratitude that will nurture their love of God.

I hope they will take that love out into the world, and share it in their own many ways. 

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  1. Ramona Trout:
    Aug 23, 2018 at 07:58 PM

    ????I am happy to start off this year with a wonderful Pre-K team that knows how to embrace each new day with a smile.

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