Show Up! It Might Change Everything!

Show Up! It Might Change Everything!

By Sister Mary Jane Wallace, OSB

We often do not make time for friends. It's the human condition. We are so busy!

It's not because we don't love them, but because we're busy.

I recently had an experience of waiting in vain for someone who might have become a friend. I had prepared for her, and had been excited to get to know her. 

When she didn't show up, I realized I was not angry, but was disappointed.

I thought about it and finally asked myself, What can I learn from this?

I heard God answer!

God said, "Mary Jane, that's just how I feel when you don't show up for prayer. I want to share with you the way you wanted to share with her."

Interruptions can get in the way of our commitments and relationships. We must try to not let that happen. We must show up. 

So share my new slogan if you like. Show up! It might change everything!



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