A Sunbeam’s Song of Praise

A Sunbeam’s Song of Praise

This lovely prayer was written by Benedictine Oblate Mary Schoening, in response to Sister Charlotte Sonneville's invitation to write a Magnificat. (Here is Sister Charlotte's prayer.) Please try writing your own!

As the sunbeam finds its way through the blinds in the window

And reaches my eyes I sit reclining and meditating on Your word.

So I see Your gifts blooming in my children and grandchildren through their paintings, their music, and their many other talents.

Each precious smile of joy beams across their faces, bringing light and love into my heart, as special gifts from You, as a sunbeam spreads its light from afar.

Even my tears of sadness or joy free the love from within, falling down my cheek as if Your caring hand is reaching out in a gentle touch, as the warmth of a ray of sun.

So I give You praise O Lord and glory and honor as loneliness is only alone time spent close to You, resting in Your heart, thanking You for all that had been given to me, even as the sunbeam fades.

I love You, Father,


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