Sisters' Vocation Stories

By God's grace I am what I am. Rule of Benedict

Sisters Stefanie and Jackie walk into their Benedictine Catholic monastery

We all wrestle with the same questions when discerning our call from God. What does God want of me? Am I worthy? Will I miss having children? How can I know?

The stories here come from Sisters and Inquirers who are happy to share their discernment experiences. If these stories resonate with you, they might point you in the direction you are supposed to go.

Please note that some of the women reflected in these stories have since become Sisters. We share the stories because they may be helpful to you!

Business Analyst Calls St. Mary Monastery "Home"

Choosing the Benedictines: They Wouldn’t Send me to Africa!
A Graced Vocation
Dear God, What Am I Supposed to Do with My Life?
Going to the Dogs
Going from No to Yes in One Summer Afternoon
Known by Our Habit … of Seeking God Together
Lessons from a Well-Loved Life
Life is Good after Refugee Camp

A Life-Changing Sunrise
Missing the Rosaries but Benedictine Habit Otherwise a Good Fit
Out of the Cornfield and into the Convent
Sister Rita’s Advice: Say Yes to the Holy Spirit!
Sister Sandra Responded to a Nagging Sense of Something More
Replacing stylish shoes with sensible black flats
The Veil She Prized Turned Out to be a Habit!
Why Sister Charlotte Said "Yes"
Writing Straight with Crooked Lines
Novice Sister Reflects on Life in Community
Sr. Martha Blessed with Big Family
Sr. Bobbi's Journey of Finding God...and Home
Life as a New Benedictine Postulant
Benedictine Postulant Answers Your Questions
Could You Become a Benedictine Nun?
Monastic Profession: Our Promise to Try