Spiritual Directors

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May Christ bring us all together to everlasting life.  
Rule of Benedict

Spiritual direction is the process of prayerful listening to another to help discern what s/he is being called to at this time in life. Our directors – who welcome persons of all faiths – share insight into what direction can mean for you.

Meet our spiritual directors:

Sister Margaret Murphy, OSB

“I start a session by asking directees about their background, their spiritual journey. By asking only open questions, I let them identify their own feelings.

“Then I ask Who is God for you? What is prayer for you? What’s your experience of God? These questions let us explore where they are, and perhaps help them see where they can move next.

“Sometimes they want affirmation that something – something they want to do, maybe – is from God. I ask they if they feel peace and joy from it. That’s key. I also ask if it’s like what Jesus does. Is it the kind of thing Jesus brought us?

“Often they are missing balance in their lives. They are working too much and think it’s the right thing to do. But I remind them of the commandment, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ As yourself! We forget about ourselves, and that God has told us to love ourselves.

“Prayer is key for the journey. Relationships are important to integration and growth. I suggest they give themselves time to create. Go back to the piano. Write in a journal. Garden. Draw. Walk in nature. Get in touch with what feeds the spirit.

“For so many people, all their lives they just did, did, did. But now as they are growing older, they are more aware of the presence. Of being called to something new. This is one of the things we, as spiritual directors, help people explore. What next?”

Sister Mary Schmidt, OSB

“Before the directee ever comes into view I seek out some prayer or scripture that may be fitting for the session. I pray that we recognize and realize the Divine Presence here with us. 

“People come with hope, fear and loss. Sometimes there is anger and aloneness and hurt. We look for where God might be in all of that. We look for how God might be calling the directee to some change.

“As director, my job is to listen without judgment; to help them find the door that God is holding open.”

For more information about spiritual direction – or to make an appointment with a director – contact the Sisters directly:

Sister Margaret Murphy, mmurphy@smmsisters.org or (309) 283-2232

Sister Mary Schmidt, mschmidt@smmsisters.org or (309) 283-2238