God Is Love: The Heart of All Creation - Centering Prayer Post-Intensive Retreat

This Centering Prayer post-intensive retreat is based on the teachings of Fr. Thomas Keating from his retreat GOD IS LOVE. This 8-day retreat is an opportunity for more extensive periods of Centering Prayer to deepen the personal practice of contemplative prayer. The Post Intensive Retreat focuses more on complete silence for the duration of the retreat. All meals are silent with no conversation. A minimum of one-year regular practice of Centering Prayer is a prerequisite to attend a Post Intensive Retreat. 

Facilitator:  Susan Komis. Fri. Aug. 14 (Arrival:  after 2 pm; Soup Supper at 5:30 pm; Retreat opening: 7 pm) – Sat. Aug. 22, 1 pm;
Fee: Register and pay in full by July 14: $725. Registrations and payments after July 14: $740.

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**We require a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the estimated total cost to hold your reservation at the time of confirmation of your stay. You will have an opportunity to pay this online with us at the time of your confirmation email, or to pay by check.
**Cancellation policy: We ask that you notify us if you cannot make your scheduled retreat and we will work with you to find another suitable date if possible.