The Central Theme of the Bible: Divine Generosity

It is Divine Generosity which can move religion beyond the bad and tired drama of reward and punishment; which can move us into religion beyond a list of “requirements” to a religion of real transformation of consciousness. We need Divine Generosity to reform religion and to recapture the Gospel message of Jesus--a new Reformation – and not of religion in the sense of Catholic vs Protestant.   We will walk through 5 to 7 Bible experiences in the Old Testament and New Testament to properly understand this theme. Presenters:  Sr. Rachel Bergschneider, OSB and Dr. Ted Wolgamot.  Fri. Nov. 8 (Arrival: 4:30 pm; Soup supper: (optional) 5:30 pm; Retreat opening: 7 pm)-Sat. Nov. 9, 4 pm; Fee: Register and pay in full by Oct. 8: $120 (private room), $130 (with Soup supper); $112 (shared room), $122 (with Soup supper); Registrations and payments after Oct. 8: $135 (private room), $145 (with Soup supper); $127 (shared room,  $132 with soup supper); Commuter: Register and pay in full by Oct. 8: $85, $95 with Soup supper); Registrations and payments after Oct. 8: $100, $110 with Soup supper). 

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