Working With The Sacred Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel has been used by many cultures for thousands of years. This Wheel, this circle, provides a focusing tool for understanding yourself, and healing life challenges. It is then that you can go out into the world and help others. The Medicine Wheel is a superb vehicle for problem solving, as it leads you to the “direction” needing attention. North, South, East, West? Please join me to explore this gentle, effective practice. Bring a blanket to sit on, a notebook, a drum or rattle if you have one, an open heart and two questions or concerns you may have in your life. Presenter: Kathleen Collins Sat. Mar. 21, 9 am–3 pm; Fee: Register and pay in full by Feb. 21: $50 (includes lunch). Registrations and payments after Feb. 21: $65 (includes lunch). 

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