Boundless Compassion Retreat

Be apart of something new at Benet House!! Sr. Bobbi has collaborated with Sr. Joyce over the past year in preparation to be the main presenter. Using Sr. Joyce’s video presentations, resources and materials – this will become an annual June retreat and training day. Sr. Bobbi will be assisted by the Benet House Compassion Team which has grown to 5 women!! 

Compassion can change a heart, change a life, change a world. You are invited to explore the depths of the many layered components of compassion, the central quality of the life and teachings of Jesus. 

You are invited to expand and deepen your understanding of compassion from both a personal and professional perspective. You will glean insights from many dimensions including theology, spirituality, science, sociology and psychology. You will experience this opportunity as a catalyst for a renewed commitment to be a compassionate presence to yourself and to others who are in the midst of pain and struggle. 


Compassion as a Way of Life 

Compassion for Self 

Compassion for Others 

Compassion in Loss & Suffering 

Compassion for the Marginalized 

Compassion and Creation 

The retreat includes presentations, media resources, communal prayer, small group dialog, and extended quiet times for reflection. Suggestions for prayer and meditation are given each day. This retreat is open to persons from all faith traditions. Presenters: Sr. Bobbi Bussan, OSB and the Benet House Compassion Team. 

FACILITATOR TRAINING: Sr. Joyce will join the retreat on the last day. She and Sr. Bobbi will lead the facilitator training. To expand the Boundless Compassion Program, we want to invite those who would like to offer the program to their constituents to attend a facilitator training. This intensive training will include an in-depth study of the contents and process, information on a variety of resources, and creative approaches for presentations. 

THOSE ELIGIBLE TO ATTEND: Those who have attended any of the Boundless Compassion Programs (led by a trained facilitator) - a monthly series, a Boundless Compassion book study, a 4-day conference or retreat - are eligible for the facilitator training. 


“I have felt a strong spiritual shift in my thinking and reacting, which has brought me a lot of peace and clarity.” 

“This program makes one comfortable with the uncomfortable, opening one’s eyes, heart, and mind toward others.” 

“I was reminded over and over of why I do what I do as a chaplain.” 

4-Day Retreat: Fri. June 19 (begins with soup supper at 5:30 pm) – Tues. June 23: 4 pm. Fee: $500 (includes the retreat, single room/bath, all meals). $470 (includes the retreat, double room, all meals, all materials). Commuter fee: $398. Registration deadline is June 1. 

Facilitator Training: Wed. June 24: 9 am-4 pm. Fee: $85 (includes training, facilitator manual, and lunch.) Overnight: $140 (single private room) or $133 (double room). Registration deadline is June 1. Click here to register for facilitator training only.

Both 4-Day Retreat and Training: Fri. June 19-Wed. June 24. Fee: $630 (single room); $588 (double room). Registration deadline is June 1. 

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