Introductory Strengths-Based Talent Development: For Individuals or Ministry Teams

Introductory Strengths-Based Talent Development is a six-hour group process (delivered in two consecutive three-hour sessions), which focuses on individual strengths development through the lens of Christian discipleship and ministry. The strength development process is rooted in Gallup, Inc. Strengths Development Principles and uses the CliftonStrengths® (StrengthsFinder®) tool to help individuals identify their talents. Participants will gain a basic strengths-based talent development foundation, learn how to use the CliftonStrengths® talent assessment results to intentionally develop and use their talents and strengths in their ministry contexts, and begin to develop an appreciation of their colleagues’ talents and strengths. Session Content will be delivered through PowerPoint presentations, Gallup videos, session activities, and short take-home activities. 

CliftonStrengths® Talent Assessment Code 

A prerequisite for attending Introduction to Strengths-Based Talent Development is to take the Gallup Inc., CliftonStrengths® talent assessment (@ $20). When participants register, they will receive session preparation instructions which will include how to purchase access to the CliftonStrengths® (StrengthsFinder®) assessment. This cost is separate from the Benet House cost. 


Martha Buelt is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach for individuals, managers, and teams. She earned her Master of Arts degree from Saint John’s University School of Theology·Seminary (MN).

Participation: This program only allows 12 participants. If a ministry group would like a separate program, then please click here to contact Sr. Bobbi. Tues. Mar. 3 and 24; 9 am–12 pm; Fee: Register and pay in full by Feb. 3: $90 (covers both days). Registrations and payments after Feb. 3: $105 (covers both days). 

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