Encountering the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The tradition of the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ has exercised enormous influence in the Catholic Church for about three hundred years. St. Pope John Paul II has been called “the Pope of the Sacred Heart.” And he said, "Everything that God wanted to tell us about himself and about his love he placed in the Heart of Jesus, and by means of that Heart he has told us everything.”   God now appears to be offering a dramatic expansion from the mere devotion to, to the actual participation in, Christ’s Heart. Imagine what it would be like to be in a heart-to-Heart connection with Jesus Christ.  The retreat will combine teaching on the Biblical significance and prophecies of a “new heart,” with the forgotten writings of those who experienced a heart union with Christ, including Hal’s story. Participants will engage in “Abiding Prayer,” built on John 15:1-11, as a divinely mandated means to invite heart-to-Heart connection. Time will also be given to discussion and reflection. Here are some comments of those who recently participated in this retreat:

“It was a renewing, pulling together of what has been taught, heard and believed…. There was a deepening and opening up of the pathway to the Sacred Heart.” ~ Mary Fran

“You taught me not to fear, to be bold. That will be my prayer: to open up my heart fully to Christ. The heart-to-Heart encountering of Christ takes my breath away.” ~ Marie

“You, through God, have taught me to draw closer to His Sacred Heart. You, through Christ, have reassured me in many ways.” Tom

“This has been quite an experience. You have helped me in numerous ways that I don’t even know how to quantify.” Eileen.

Presenter: Dr. Hal Green has also been a therapist in private practice. His has conducted numerous retreats and workshops across the Midwest. Fri. Oct. 25 (Arrival: 4:30 pm; Soup supper: (optional) 5:30 pm; Retreat opening: 7 pm)-Sat. Oct. 26, 4 pm; Fee: Register and pay in full by Sept. 25: $120 (private room, $130 with Soup supper); $112 (shared room, $122 with soup supper); Registrations and payments after Sept. 25: $135 (private room, $145 with Soup supper); $127 (shared room, $132 with Soup supper). Commuter: Register and pay in full by Sept. 25: $85 ($95 with Soup Supper); Registrations and payments after Sept. 25: $100 ($110 with Soup supper). 


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