Join Us for Lenten Prayers

The Catholic Benedictine Sisters of Rock Island invite you to join them on Sundays in Lent.

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A Lenten Resolution Template

Sister Mary Core offers her own template for creating Lenten resolutions. Give it a try!

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Lenten Resolution Ideas

The Catholic Benedictine Sisters of Rock Island, Illinois share some of their own Lenten practices, in the hope that they may help you choose your own.

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Springtime for your soul: A Lenten/Easter online mini-retreat

Here's your 15-part online mini-retreat for Lent!

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St. John’s Bible Blessed at Illinois Wesleyan

Sister Sandra Brunenn blesses the St. John's Bible at Illinois Wesleyan at the beginning of a year of activities around the exhibition.

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Ready for Life!

Sister Mary Jane shares a 5-step prayer to help her - and maybe you, too - be ready for life.

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Graced Children of God

Sister Mary Core reflects on the Feast of the Baptism.

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Joining the Magi in Our Own Search

Sister Catherine Cleary says, "We too are searchers, or at least could be searchers, not just for the star but for Christ." Don't miss her Epiphany reflection.

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Seeing Out the Old Year, Welcoming the New

In the optimistic anticipation of better things to come, we celebrate the New Year AND the Solemnity of Mary on January 1.

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Why Pray?

Why is it necessary to pray, if we believe that God knows our thoughts, loves us thoroughly and gives us all that we need? The Rock Island Catholic Benedictine Sisters share their insights.

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