Benedictine Missioning Day

The tradition of "missioning" is one in which Catholic Benedictine Sisters would be assigned their work for the year. It was exciting and a little anxiety provoking. Learn what's changed and what's stayed the same in our 144-year-old ritual.

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Show Up! It Might Change Everything!

Sister Mary Jane Wallace has some sage advice regarding prayer. And no, it's not how to do it!

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A Sunbeam’s Song of Praise

Benedictine Oblate Mary Schoening shares her lovely prayer in response to Sister Charlotte Sonneville's invitation to write her own Magnificat!

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Keep Todas Familias Together

The Benedictine Sisters hosted a prayer service for immigrant and suffering families Sat. July 14, 2018. Watch it here.

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Sister Norberta Vandersnick, OSB, 1927-2018

Sister Norberta Vandersnick, OSB, 1927-2018 died July 7, 2018.

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My Magnificat

Sister Charlotte Sonneville shares her own song of praise to the Lord, using the Virgin Mary's Magnificat as her guide.

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Pray with Us

We invite you to join us Saturday, July 14 to pray for justice for suffering families.

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Marching for Families

Sisters Claudia Scharf and Stefanie MacDonald were among 600 people protesting the separation of children from parents.

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Volunteering in a Place of Light

A volunteer at the Benedictine Sisters St. Mary Monastery, Rock Island, shares her experience helping around the house, spending time with our elders and working with at least one of us on our poetry.

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In Heaven with a Little Baby

Sister Mary Jane Wallace shares her thoughts as she meets her cousin for the first time.

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