Volunteering in a Place of Light

A volunteer at the Benedictine Sisters St. Mary Monastery, Rock Island, shares her experience helping around the house, spending time with our elders and working with at least one of us on our poetry.

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In Heaven with a Little Baby

Sister Mary Jane Wallace shares her thoughts as she meets her cousin for the first time.

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Encounter in the Wilderness

Hospitality is a key value of Benedictine life, and encounter is the act that begins it. Sister Stefanie MacDonald shares thoughts from her hermitage as she makes her retreat at Christ in the Wilderness in Illinois.

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Who Will You Become?

Sister Mary Core, OSB says change is another word for “life.” In Benedictine life, it's called conversatio ... and it means to open ourselves to becoming more like Jesus.

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Sister Marianne to Retire from Marriage Tribunal

As Sister Marianne Burkhard retires from canon law ministry, she shares some thoughts about her work at the Peoria Diocesan Marriage Tribunal.

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A Transcendent Vision of Workplace as Worthplace

Rock Island Benedictine Oblate Jan Gull reviews Michael Rock's book, St. Benedict's Guide to Improving Your Work Life.

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What to Read this Summer

The Benedictine Oblates of St. Mary Monastery, Rock Island, share some spiritually uplifting book suggestions.

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Sister Rose Joseph Kennebeck, 1929-2018

Sister Rose Joseph Kennebeck died May 15 in her beloved St. Mary Monastery, Rock Island. Here's her obituary.

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Pentecost: Where Fear Gives Way to Faith

Catholic Benedictine Sister Catherine Cleary says Pentecost calls us to a new beginning, where fear gives way to faith, and timidity to bold proclamation.

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Dancing in the Rain with our Sisters and God

Challenges will come in all our lives. We will face difficult times. What’s important is how we respond to them; how we choose to live through them. Benedictine Sister Stefanie MacDonald shares her thoughts.

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