Building Intuition

We all have an intuitive strength and, perhaps, have never built our intuitive muscles! In this workshop, we learn a method to deepen our insight and trust ourselves! Bring three photos of people (please know who they are) with only one person in the photo; bring three items that are not yours (jewelry, pens, etc.) and know something about the owner; bring three questions you have in life! Presenter: Kathleen Collins. Kathleen is a graduate of the Western Illinois University (Masters of Education in Counseling), the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (Michael Harner’s School: The Way of the Shaman), and the Lynn Andrews School of the Sacred Art. She studied Celtic Shamanism with Tom Cowan. Kathleen also completed energetic, nutritional and intuitive studies with Dr. Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss. Sat. Dec. 1, 9 am–2 pm; Fee: Register and pay in full by Nov. 1: $30 (includes lunch); Registrations and payments after Nov. 1: $45 (includes lunch). 

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