"Dominion to Dragons: Can the Bible Teach Us How to Care for the Environment?” An Advent and Lenten series on Scripture and the Environment.

The book of Genesis says that humans are supposed to have dominion over the earth. Does this give us the right to trample and dominate? Is creation just there for us to consume? Are there other texts in the Bible that suggest a different relationship between humans and the natural world? Are there reading strategies that can help us understand the Bible’s message about the environment? These three sessions will address these questions and more. We will explore the variety of ways that Scripture discusses the natural world, and what it says to us today. We will also discuss Pope Francis’ recent encyclical on the environment, ‘Laudato Si’. Presenter: Dr. Micah Kiel, SAU Theology Dept.

Wednesdays: Nov. 29 (focuses on the Old Testament); Dec. 13 (focuses on the New Testament); Feb. 28 (focuses on the Book of Revelation); 7-8:30 pm; Fee: $15/session or $30/for all three sessions.

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