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How Silliness Saved a Not-so-Good Day!

We are approaching the end of the school year, which is good and not so good. Last Friday was turning into a not-so-good day. The students know each other very well by now, and at times become more like sisters and brothers. Yikes. Read more

How to Keep a 4-Year-Old on Task

Carter (I’m not using his real name) had some behavior issues today, but overall he’s been improving since the start of the year. Together, he and I have worked on strategies to help him stay in control. (Email me at smacdonald@smmsisters.org for the form that you see at the bottom of this post and I’ll send it to you!) Read more

A Cheery Way to Manage Behavior

I love 123 Magic! I have modified this wonderful discipline technique a bit to fit my style of teaching. Here’s how I use it with my kids.

Using a Traffic Light theme, I assign my kids colors based on their behavior each day. Green represents good behavior, Yellow is a little naughty, and Red means it’s been a rough day.  Read more